This course is designed to covers the knowledge, skills and attitude required for welding in different industrial sector. This course has the competencies that cover skills and attitude required to perform Arc welding, Arc cutting, Gas Welding, Gas
Cutting, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding & TIG (Tungsten inert Gas) Welding.
It also includes the Introduction and classification of welding , workshop safety rules, use of welding machine and hand tools, polarity, electrode, electrode codes, welding current, voltage, ampere, Tack weld, welding joints, welding position, flux, ferrous and nonferrous metals, pre-heating and post heating, welding symbol, weld defects, inspection and testing.

Course outline

  • To develop skill workforce
  • To develop socio-economic condition of the people
  • To create employment opportunities
  • To earn foreign currency
  • To provide basic knowledge, skills & attitude on welding & fabrication
  • To develop skills to perform arc welding & cutting; gas welding & cutting; MIG (metal inert gas) & TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding.


Duration: Total 360 hrs (6 Month)

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