Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills in inspecting, Servicing and repairing mechanical and electrical parts, components of House hold cooling Units. It also covers measuring, fittings, tubing, testing leak, evacuation, charging refrigerant, servicing, repairing and installing of Refrigerator- Freezer, Deep fridge, Window type AC, Split type AC

Course outline

  • To provide basic Knowledge and Skills on Refrigeration & Air conditioning
  • To provide understanding and skill on Tools and equipment used in RAC works.
  • To provide ability of listing, Selecting and handling Tools, meters and equipments used in RAC works.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on Related Mechanical drawing in RAC works.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on Mechanical aspects of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning system.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on Basic Electrical and Electronics Equipment and materials used in RAC works.
  • To assemble Electrical and Electronics circuits used in RAC with its components.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on unitary Machines (Appliances) of Refrigeration & Air-conditioning system
  • To develop skills on Installation, Servicing and Repairing of RAC appliances.
  • To develop skills on Trouble Shooting.
  • To develop Abilities to place order and procure the requisites for RAC Works.
  • To develop abilities to use the manufacturer’s manuals and brochures.


Duration: Total 360 hrs (6 Month)

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